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There are days when you wake up and feel very doubtful of yourself as you’re trying to succeed at something. Days where you can’t help but ask yourself this question “will I make it?”. Self-doubt plays a large role in why I sometimes don’t finish some of the things I’ve started and I know itsContinue reading “Potential”


Are you the type of person who believes anything is possible, or do you fall on the other side of the coin? Do you think your dreams are too high to reach, or you can’t help but aim even higher? Well, whichever side you belong to, you probably know that the life you’re living rightContinue reading “Determination”


As you hold your smartphone, a short trip to your internet browser can lead you into a search engine we all know as Google. If you type “fortification meaning” the definition it gives you is simple and precise. According to Google’s dictionary, fortification is a “defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a placeContinue reading “Fortification”

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